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Certain sites and pipelines are designated notifiable installations by virtue of the quantities of hazardous substances stored, used or transported being such that the installation is subject to the Planning (Hazardous Substances) Regulations 1992 and/or the Control of Industrial Major Accident Hazards Regulations 1992. In accordance with Department of the Environment Circular 11/92 the Health and Safety Executive will be consulted, as appropriate, about any proposed notifiable installations and about proposed developments in the vicinity of notifiable installations.

Notifiable Sites

Occupier Consultations Distance (M)
British Gas, Eye 500
Taylor Barnard, Stowmarket 250
E.R. Howard, Stowmarket 175

British Gas High Pressure Transmission Pipelines

Diameter (MM) Pressure (Barg) Building Proximity Distance (M) Consultation Distances (M)
914 74 81 324
600 42 31 148


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